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一、现代大学英语精读6 lesson9 The bluest eye的课文翻译

The bluest eye They have the eyes of people who can tell what time it is by the color of the sky. Such girls live in quiet black neighborhoods where everybody is gainfully employed. Where there are porch swings hanging from chains. Where the grass is cut with a scythe, where the grass is cut with a scythe, where rooster combs and sunflowers grow in the yards and pots of bleeding hearts, ivy, and mother-in-law tongue line the steps and windowsills. Such girls have bought watermelon and snap beans from the fruit man’s wagon. They have put in the window the cardboard sigh that has a pound measure printed on each of three edges-qo lbs., 25lbs., 50ibs. –and NO ICE on the fourth. These paticular brown girls from Mobil and Ailen are not like some of their sisters. They are not fretful, nervous, or shrill; they do not have lovely black necks that stretch as though against and invisible collar; their eyes do not bite. These sugar-brown Mobil girls move through the streets without a stir. They are as sweet and plain as buttercake. They go to land-grant colleges, normal schools, and learn how to do the white man’s work with refinement: home economics to prepare his food; teacher education to instruct black children in obedience; music to soothe the weary master and entertain his blunted soul. Here they learn the rest of the lesson begun in those soft houses with porch swings and pots of bleeding heart: how to behave. The careful development of thrift, patience, high morals, and good manners. In short, how to get rid of the funkiness. The dreadful funkiness of passion, the funkiness of nature, the funkiness of the wide range of human emotions. What they do not know is that this plain brown girl will build her nest stick by stick, make it her own inviolable world, and stand guard over its every plant, weed, and doily, even against him. In silence will she return the lamp to where she put it in the first place; remove the dishes from the table as soon as the last bite is taken; wipe the doornob after a greasy hand has torched it. A sidelong look will be enough to tell him to smoke on the back porch. Children will sense instantly that they cannot come into her yard to retrieve a ball. But the men do not know these things. Nor do they know that she will give him her body sparingly and partially. The cat will settle quietly on the windowsill and earess her with his eyes. She can hold him in her arms, letting his back paws stuggle for footing on her breast and his forepaws cling to her shoulder. She can rub the smooth fur and feel the unresisting flesh underneath. At her gentlest touch he will preen, stretch, and open his mouth. And she will accept the strangely pleasant sensation that comes when he writhes beneath her hand and flattens his eyes with a surfeit of sensual delight. When she stands cooking at the table, he will circle about her fingers tremble a little in the pie dough. Junior used to long to play with the black boys. More than anything in the world he wanted to play King of the Mountain and have them pish him down th mound of dirt and roll over him. He wanted to feel their hardness pressing on him. Smell their wild blackness, and say “Fuck you” with that lovely casualness. He wanted to sit with them on curbstones and compare the shapeness of jackknives, the distance and crcs of spitting. In the toilet he wanted to share with them the laurels of being able to pee far and long. He oulled her into another room, even more beautiful than the first. More doilies, a big lamp with green-and-gold base and white shade. There was even a rug on the floor, with enormous dark-red flowers. She was deep in admiration of the flowers when Junior said, “here!” Pecola turned. “Here is your kitten!” he screeched. And he threw a big black cat right in her face. She sucked in her breath in fear and surprise and felt fur in her mouth. The cat clawed her face and chest in an effort to right itself, then leaped nimbly to the floor是这篇吗?你急着要吗?因为我有点忙,估计会晚一点追问




二、【急】Twelve Angry Men 课文翻译!!!

Twelve Angry Men十二怒汉Reginald Rose雷金纳德·罗斯Part One第一部分Characters人物:Narrator讲述者Foreman (Juror No. 1)陪审长(1号陪审员)Jurors (No. 2—No. 12)陪审员(2号至12号陪审员)Narrator: The scene is a jury room in a criminal court. Twelve men walk into the room. They are the jury for the trial of a boy charged with murdering his father.讲述者:故事发生在某刑事法庭陪审团室里。12个人走进屋子,他们在一起儿子谋杀生父的案件中担任陪审员。Foreman: OK, gentlemen. Now, you fellows can handle this any way you want. We can discuss it first and then vote on it. That s one way. And we can vote on it right now...陪审长:好了,先生们。现在你们可以任选一种你们喜欢的方式来处理这个案子。我们可以先讨论,然后再投票。这是一种方法。或者我们也可以现在就投票……No. 4: Oh, I think it s customary to take a preliminary vote.4号陪审员:我想,按照惯例,我们应当先进行预投票。No. 7: Yes, let s vote. Maybe we can all get out of here.7号陪审员:是啊,我们投票吧。也许就都能离开这里了。Foreman: OK... Of course we know that we have a first-degree murder charge here. And if we vote the accused guilty, we ve got to send him to the chair. Anyone doesn t want to vote? OK, those voting guilty, please raise your hands... Nine... ten... eleven. OK. Not guilty? (No. 8 raises his hand.) One. OK, eleven guilty, and one not guilty. Now we know where we are.陪审长:好吧……当然大家应该很明白,这是一起一级谋杀案。如果我们投票裁定被告人罪名成立,我们就等于把他送上了电椅。有不愿意投票的吗?好吧,认为他有罪的请举手。……9……10……11。好,认为无罪的?(8号举起了手)一票。好了,11票有罪,1票无罪。现在我们知道结果如何了。No. 3: (To No. 8) You really think he s innocent?3号陪审员:(对着8号)你真的认为他是无辜的?No. 8: I don t know.8号陪审员:我不知道。

三、现代大学英语精读1double cross主要讲什么

       现代大学英语精读1double cross主要讲述的是一名高中生库尔特·卡尔森遇刺未遂的故事。

       double-cross (动词) : 出卖,背叛,欺骗betray (动词) : 背叛,对...不忠cheat (动词) : 欺骗我觉得 double-cross 和betray的意思是一样的。


       英语double standard学习

       double standard = 双重标准,例:

       We can t have a double standard where we say everybody else must play by the rules, but we don t need to.







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